Comm-Works Command Center (C3)

Comm-Works Command Center (C3) is an interactive, Web-based project management tool that supplies industries such as retail, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing with 24/7 secure access and control over their business-technology processes.

For the purpose of streamlining project management and improving accessibility, visibility and efficiency, C3 features:

  • Customized Account Pages
  • Real-time Work Order Map
  • Work Order Creation & Tracking
  • Document Collaboration
  • Task Tracking
  • Calendar
  • Report Center
  • Project Dashboards
  • 24/7/365 Secure Access

By operating on a SharePoint platform, C3 provides simpler navigation and enhanced collaboration capabilities making it easier than ever to access project information.

At Comm-Works, our primary goal is complete customer satisfaction. We have taken the knowledge gathered since 1996 – when we first introduced a project management tool to the industry – to create a tool that not only meets the demands of our clients but exceeds their expectations.