Webinar: IT Maintenance Services Plan for Multi-Site Technology

Preventive Maintenance

Webinar: IT Maintenance Services Plan for Multi-Site Technology

What is Your Preventive IT Maintenance Services Strategy?

Checklists are valuable; they tell you exactly what needs to get done to ensure your IT goals are achieved.

For many technology leaders, creating the checklist is the hardest part and often leaves many questions. Where do I start? Will this improve revenue? What happens next?

What if I told you that our preventive IT maintenance services expert has already completed all that work, removing the uncertainty, and created a rock-solid checklist for you?

You’re in luck, he has:


What Can I Expect from Viewing the Preventive IT Maintenance Services Webinar?

Our webinar (available above) will allow you to learn a great deal about preventive maintenance from the comfort of your desk or computer.

Here is your opportunity to absorb relevant information for your organization, improve your multi-site technology strategy, and partake in a Q&A with Doug Plooster to ensure your questions are answered.

Doug Plooster, comments:

“I am thrilled to take the experience I’ve gained and share with other industry leaders for this upcoming webinar. I have put together the necessary information to help businesses succeed, and effectively implement a preventive IT maintenance services plan for their multi-site technology. It is important to ensure organizations understand the urgency, determine the end user's needs, create a migration plan, and take an overall look at the pitfalls of not implementing correctly.”

Doug Plooster Comm-Works

Highlight #1: The Cost of Downtime

Can your business afford to lose $100,000? How about $1+ Million?

According to Forbes:

“In 2017, organizations were losing an average $100,000 for every hour of downtime on their site. A single outage can cost a company millions of dollars. After a technological failure stranded thousands of British Airways passengers in May of last year, the CEO explained that that failure had cost the company $102.19 million. That doesn’t include the negative impact outages can have on your brand reputation, or the engineering costs to retroactively figure out the root cause of an issue.”

Do not let this happen to your organization. Join Doug Plooster on the webinar above as he dives deeper into your questions around preventing downtime:

  • What are the primary causes of downtime for my business?
  • What is my cost of downtime per hour?
  • How are interruptions affecting my revenue?


Highlight #2: Proactive Monitoring

What do improved productivity, improved reliability, and cost savings have in common?

You guessed it; The amazing benefits of proactive monitoring.

Proactive monitoring is a game-changer for your business continuity plans. Begin conserving assets, decreasing downtime, and assuring business continuity in the webinar above. Doug Plooster covers the essentials to ensure you are:

  • Decreasing the Risk of Downtime
  • Improving Customer Support
  • Improving Security


So what are you waiting for?

The webinar above is roughly 20 minutes, and will provide everything you need to ensure your business’ IT maintenance services plan is on track.

The IT Maintenance Services Assessment Your Organization Needs

If you are unsure of your current Maintenance infrastructure, it is time to survey your locations, so you know what you have across your network.

Comm-Works’ strategy around areas such as our IT Support Services, Managed IT Services, and IT Support Help Desk will ensure your organization takes your IT Maintenance Solutions to the next level.

Doug would love to hear from you and discuss areas of your maintenance infrastructure that may be improved and what steps you can take to get there.


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