Manufacturing IT Services

Manufacturing Information Technology

Improve operations and capture opportunities with a streamlined IT infrastructure

The age of digital manufacturing is here, and organizations around the globe are looking to deploy IoT solutions to automate processes, improve productivity, reduce manufacturing costs, increase production speed, enhance quality control, and significantly improve operations. According to a report by Cisco, “95% of organizations plan to deploy IoT capabilities in the next few years.”

With over 22 years working in the manufacturing and warehousing space, Comm-Works has developed Manufacturing IT Services that use interconnected technologies to revolutionize the way manufacturers design, produce, and deliver product in even the most complex of environments.

Network Configuration

Comm-Works’ experience working with large partner network allows us to seamlessly coordinate the launch of new technologies, open new sites, and decommission old technologies throughout all of your locations, all while staying on time and within budget. We are the experts in the deployment of manufacturing IT services

With a unique environment throughout multiple sites, it can be difficult to manage all activities taking place. Comm-Works video surveillance, access control, and intrusion technology can adapt to each location’s unique environment allowing your business to:

  • Monitor and measure foot traffic
  • Secure building doors and cabinets ingress and egress
  • Streamline and improve business operations
  • Manage liability
  • Enhance security and communication with customers and employees
  • Gain visibility into product inventory in real-time
Manufacturing Security
Manufacturing Business Analytics

Comm-Works high-performing, secure, and scalable analytic platform uses real-time analytics, data reporting, and key performance metrics to give you full visibility of the activities taking place throughout all of your businesses locations so that you make the data-driven decisions necessary to improve business.

Comm-Works fast and reliable wireless services will keep your technology connected to your network in even the most complex environments. Our global network of technology services and technicians also enables us to provide expert service and on-going support in vast areas such as large distribution centers, grain elevators, kill floors, clean rooms, packaging facilities, freezers, and much more.

Manufacturing Wireless Mobility
Manufacturing Managed Services

Comm-Works’ fully managed program offers your business complete network reliability by overseeing all manufacturing IT operations from end-to-end. Using our monitoring and management services we can ensure your IT infrastructure stays up and running predictably, optimally, and securely at all times. So you can focus on optimizing your business operations.

How does it work?

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Cisco Unified Communications solution

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Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Wireless solutions designed to meet unique business needs

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works becomes part of your team so you can focus on what’s important

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