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Connectivity is transforming our lives, and the insurance industry is no exception. According to a Forbes security briefing, IoT’s real-time data collection and sharing power will create new opportunities and challenges for today’s insurance companies. With 6.4 billion devices already connected and 5.5 million new devices added every day the opportunities and risks defy the imagination.

Comm-Works can help you leverage these opportunities and address challenges using our IT integration and project management capabilities. We have over 22 years of experience working with the world’s top insurance agencies. Our team of experts have a thorough understanding of insurance agencies’ unique needs and can help adhere to evolving government standards, improve customer experience, facilitate more dynamic pricing, combat network attacks, and keep technology up and run optimally at all times using our IT services for insurance agencies.

Insurance IT Deployment Services

Today’s customer expects an advanced, seamless, and personalized experience when searching for claims and policies and interacting with their insurance providers; this is placing pressure on insurance agencies to upgrade their existing technology. According to a Harvard Review Report, insurance agents who embraced digital transformation reported a 65% cost reduction and a 90% reduction in turnaround time on critical insurance processes.

Using our end-to-end project management methodology, Comm-Works insurance IT services act as an extension of your IT team and handle all facets of technology deployment. From assessment and consultation, to design and implementation, we can create the technology solution needed to enhance customer and employee experience, improve internal operations, and drive innovative change without disrupting your business. Our knowledge, experience, and global reach allows us to implement repeatable, consistent, high-quality, and compliant technology solutions across all of your firm’s locations, while staying on-time and within budget.

Secure storage and protection of valuable records and documents are vital to the integrity of insurance providers. You must implement a wireless infrastructure that is both reliable and secure. Comm-Works insurance IT services are built around your unique environment, compliance, and network needs. We design, source, install, and support a wireless infrastructure that will allow your agency to meet the immediate wireless needs of your guests, while also giving you the flexibility to expand into a business grade solution if the need arises. Also, we can ensure network reliability and 24/7 connectivity using our 4GLTE Failover Technology and connectivity solutions.

Wireless Mobility for Insurance Providers
Insurance Physical Security

You need to provide a safe and secure environment for your customers, employees, and assets using state-of-the-art video surveillance, access control, and intrusion technology. Comm-Works can build upon your existing infrastructure or design an entirely new electronic security solution to help your agency mitigate risk. Our electronic security solutions will address robbery and theft, remotely manage doors ingress and egress, eliminate keys, control employee access with varying levels of authority for internal staff, and protect your assets.

Our high-performing, secure, and scalable analytics platform uses real-time data analytics and performance metrics to help your insurance agency gain full visibility into your facility, employees, and customers. These reports provide key insights that can be used across all departments to sharpen risk assessment, improve business operations, cross-sell and upsell, retain customers, and drive revenue.

Insurance Business Analytics
Insurance Managed Services

Comm-Works can help ensure that your technology stays up and running predictably, optimally, and securely at all times. Our fully managed program allows us to monitor and manage your IT environment remotely and proactively identify, escalate, and remediate IT issues before they occur. With a partner network of 20,000 technicians around the globe, we also have the resources needed to provide on-site support to any of your agency’s locations.

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Wireless Services

Wireless Services

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Comm-Works Overview

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