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Healthcare IT Services

Enhance the patient experience with compliant, seamlessly integrated technology

Healthcare is transforming rapidly, thanks large in part to new information technology (IT). From enhanced scheduling across many locations for better patient service, to the enhanced diagnostic and safety provided by reliable electronic medical records (EMR), providers need reliable and secure healthcare IT services to manage it all.

For the last 22-years, Comm-Works has helped healthcare providers from around the globe leverage HIPPA compliant technologies to create environments conducive to optimal health. We have developed healthcare technology solutions for optimizing patient experience and improving overall technology strategy. We take the time to understand your facility’s environment, standards, and patient’s needs. We then design and implement technology infrastructure you need to deliver safe, effective, and efficient patient care.

Healthcare Deployment Services

We take the stress out of deploying new technology with our managed network installation and deployment services. Comm-Works has the expertise to coordinate the launch of new technologies and decommission old technologies with minimal disruption, across all of your locations, while staying on time and within budget.

A connected healthcare facility needs robust network infrastructure to function effectively. Comm-Works comprehensive Wireless as a Service Solution can provide all of your sites with the coverage necessary to handle higher patient volumes, increase patient safety, and offer the utmost quality care. We can even help ensure your network stays up and running optimally at all times using our 4GLTE Failover Technology and connectivity solutions. With Comm-Works’ systems, you can take advantage of the increase in interconnected smart devices. We provide improved access to vital information, for better safety, security, and efficiency in all of your operations.

Healthcare Wireless Mobility
Managed Services

Healthcare resources in the United States will continue to be limited, even as patient demand increases. Connected technology helps you manage nurse-to-patient ratios operating at bare minimum. Our IT Service Management solutions assist in ensuring technology uptime in any situation, whether it be, weather emergencies, security breaches, power failures, or data loss, we are here for you.

Through Supportworks, Comm-Works can continually monitor the stability and security of your IT network for maximum uptime throughout all of your locations, allowing you time focus on what matters, providing patient care.

Healthcare facilities are attractive targets of theft, crime, violence, and other events. It is important to maximize physical security investments to mitigate risk effectively. Comm-Works’ state-of-the-art video surveillance, access control solutions, and intrusion technology will help to ensure the protection of your facility, its assets, and employees so you can concentrate on your patients, not your protection.

Reducing Shrink
Healthcare Business Analytics

Comm-Works’ high-performing, secure, and scalable analytic platforms offer healthcare providers visibility into their facility. Real-time analytics, data reporting, and key performance metrics offer providers powerful insights that can be used to streamline and improve operations, control costs, predict high-traffic hours, reduce response times, and enhance the quality of care.

Healthcare Technology Today

A survey conducted by Healthcare News asked 95 healthcare executives which technologies they plan to upgrade in 2017, 52 percent of survey respondents said security, 51 percent analytics, 44 percent patient engagement, 44 percent population health, 31 percent EHRs, 24 percent remote patient monitoring, and 22 percent revenue cycle management.

Healthcare IT Chart
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