Hybrid Security Systems Allow Companies to Transition to an IP Solution

Hybrid Security Systems

Hybrid Security Systems Allow Companies to Transition to an IP Solution

Hybrid Security Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to updating your physical security systems, the philosophy of out with the old and in with the new, is not the most practical or economical IT solution.

Modern hybrid technologies allow the use of existing network connections for the transmission of video signals, granting businesses the option to update their older security system in a cost efficient way. A hybrid system is when both analog and IP cameras are used together. Rather than making the difficult and often costly decision to completely replace anticipated security systems and overhaul all existing technology, companies are able to use their current analog equipment jointly with new IP technology. The flexibility provided with hybrid security systems, allows companies to receive the full investment from their current system and transition to IP security over time. Many companies avoid large capital expenditures by making this transition either by replacing and upgrading cameras when they have reached their end-of-lifecycle, or by implementing a migration strategy, which incorporates predictable budget friendly IP transition.

Hybrid security systems integrate with existing hardware, wiring, components, and technology. The system encodes and converts existing analog feeds with digital files, which can be transmitted and stored in a remote location. These high quality signals can be secured on a proprietary system at a remote location, which is a key functionality of an IP security system at a fraction of the cost of a total system replacement.

One of the other state-of-the-art functions offered by IP cameras and equipment is the addition of increased megapixels. This improves image quality and allows for a clearer, more detailed image.

With the introduction of a hybrid security system, there is no reason to spend the large capital expense of replacing a complete security system. Instead, implement a budget friendly strategy that will catapult your existing security system technology into the twenty-first century.

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