Powerful health technology for successful and safe reopening

Powerful health technology for successful and safe reopening

Powerful health technology for successful and safe reopening

The new norms of today require extra health compliance technology and guidelines be put in place for businesses to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers. These guidelines include extra sanitation and cleaning, occupancy management, enforcing hygiene regulations, and monitoring occupant temperatures. These necessary measures have brought unique challenges to many IT leaders finding it difficult to stay on top of the latest health technology available to help their businesses keep up with protocol.

How does a business keep up with ensuring health compliance without taking away from productivity and customer experience? This is where understanding the latest technology is helping businesses move forward.

Read more about health compliance technology and how it’s helping keep doors open for businesses.

Occupancy Management Technology:

Occupancy monitoring and management health compliance technology is necessary for businesses that are adhering to social distancing and occupancy capacity guidelines moving forward. If your site is small, occupancy monitoring is even more important to ensure proper social distancing.

Comm-Works partners with leading technology manufacturers, such as March Networks, to provide best-in-class occupancy management solutions. These solutions provide the ability to view real-time occupancy counts and be alerted based on this data. So, when your max occupancy is breached, you’ll be able to take action. Much easier than manually counting people, right?

This solution leverages video surveillance cameras to visually verify location occupancy in real-time as well. The solution allows you to monitor multiple locations at one time. It also sends notifications when parameters are met or exceeded so you can manage occupancy and make changes.

Occupancy management installs easily, especially if you have an IT managed services provider who can handle the installation and integration for you.

On top of managing the number of guests in store, OM allows you to:

  1. Understand visitor flow, such as the path guests take and where they migrate to
  2. Optimize for revenue opportunity
  3. Improve workforce planning and staff needs
  4. Inform visitors on peak hours
  5. Reduce energy consumption with HVAC systems

Occupancy management is an important part of health compliance technology integration and in keeping guests safe, but it also improves your understanding of your customer behavior and operational needs.

Temperature Scanning Kiosks and Sensors:

What’s one of the easiest ways to stay health compliant in a pandemic? A temperature check upon entry. Instead of manning a staff member with a manual temperature gun, automate the process with a non-intrusive body temperature kiosk.

Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk is a temperature verification and access control system that Comm-Works partners with to implement in scale for enterprise businesses. The kiosk notifies you when an employee or guest attempts to enter your site with an elevated temperature. Additionally, these kiosks can be programmed for facial recognition to aid in access control.

Depending on the location and set up of the kiosk, there are options for standing pedestals or counter top mounts. This makes it easy to fit this technology in any space or capacity.

Whatever the location or industry, Meridian Personnel Management Kiosks are a great option for increasing health safety and compliance.

Another piece of technology helping identify elevated temperatures are thermal cameras. Thermal cameras are installed much like traditional surveillance cameras, and they scan the room for elevated temps. This is a more permanent solution that requires more active management than the kiosks.

UV-C Lighting Disinfection:

Disinfecting is a difficult challenge for even the most experienced cleaning crews due to . the amount of time it takes to thoroughly clean an entire area to COVID health compliance technology standards. How do you make sure something isn’t missed? And how do you make sure that the cleaning products you’re using are safe for the type of facility you’re cleaning?

UV-C lighting disinfection is a solution to that problem. Igor by Nexos Intelligent Disinfection solution is a safe and efficient disinfection method for any type of facility. This includes classrooms, restaurant and dining, healthcare and more.

The Igor by Nexos lighting solution can be installed in a single room, or multiple rooms on site. Sensors indicated when rooms are no longer occupied and can begin disinfection. Locks can be installed on doors to ensure security while disinfection is taking place. You can also schedule disinfection for closing time or when customers and employees aren’t present.

The key feature of UV-C disinfection is the automation factor; it’s taking the stress out of making sure your spaces are properly cleaned.

UV light is invisible to the naked eye, so the light shows a purple hue to help visually indicate when disinfection is in progress. Igor’s UV-C solution ensures that:

  1. Facilities are cleaned completely and thoroughly
  2. Employees and customers feel safe
  3. There is no need for harsh chemicals
  4. Time and man hours are saved by automatically disinfecting instead of doing so manually
  5. UV-C lighting can be integrated and installed into your existing lighting infrastructure.

On top of all these benefits, UV-C lighting can be easily integrated into your existing lighting infrastructure across your entire enterprise by your IT managed services provider. Again, this is one of the safest and most thorough methods of health compliance technology on the market.

Employee Compliance

Another solution from March Networks is a compliance validation system that ensures protocol and hygiene guidelines are met.  Employee compliance technology powered by Searchlight, can help you visually verify physical barriers, like sneeze guards, face masks, physical distancing rules, are in place.

You can also visually verify when someone enters a closed-off space, and when sanitation measures are performed by staff. Sensors can also be installed to ensure employee hygiene is practiced with hand washing and sanitizing.

Comm-Works is your one-stop health compliance integrator, worldwide.

Comm-Works is technology-agnostic and will work with any manufacturer whose technology meets the needs and goals of your enterprise. From banks to retail, and from manufacturing to healthcare, and more, Comm-Works designs, installs, maintains, and monitors all of your health compliance technology.

We’re here to help you move forward and prioritize the health and safety of employees and customers.

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