Start Making Data-Driven Decisions with In-Store Analytics

In-Store Analytics

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions with In-Store Analytics

Mobile phone use has exploded and with this, businesses are expected to have a readily available Wi-Fi network. “By 2020, mobile phones will impact $1.43 trillion in U.S. retail sales, 37% of the $3.87 trillion in total retail sales” (Forrester Research). Shoppers use their mobile phones in all aspects of their shopping experience, from navigating through stores to interacting with products and in-store associates. Providing a wireless network allows retailers to gain valuable in-store analytics that give insight into the habits and movements of their customer base.

Importance of In-Store Analytics

Mobile Selling Channels

Through the use of mobile selling channels such as social media and ecommerce visits, retailers are able to control their customer’s personal shopping experiences. Engagements through online platforms allow visitors to further explore and interact in a way that is appealing to them.

Website visits can also be personalized based on recent purchases or searches allowing retailers to customize online visits. Retailers can utilize these unique preferences and identify easy ways to increase store revenue.

Store Movement

A wireless network allows retailers to understand the traffic of their stores. Knowing where people are coming from and what time they arrive permits retailers to further define their customer base and develop their marketing efforts. In-store analytics also provides data about wait times and line size. Retailers can make data-driven decisions and take action, by providing more staff to address these pain points. The customer’s path to purchase while in store will provide awareness to what areas of the store people dwell and if they are loyal, browsing, or pass-by visitors.

Shopper Demographics

Gain insight into the different demographics of store visitors. Recognizing the age, gender, and geographical origin will allow you to tailor your store products, environment, and marketing efforts to your unique customer.

Better understand your customers through your Wi-Fi network. Create the unforgettable experience that every customer desires by utilizing in-store analytics.

Olivia Klehr

Business Analyst at Comm-Works

Olivia currently serves as the Business Analyst for Comm-Works. She possesses experience in the marketing and business communications space, and has worked in a variety of fields including technology and professional services. She holds her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Communications from the University of St. Thomas in MN and in her spare time, you”ll find her traveling, distance running, and spending time with family.

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