Construction at Comm-Works; NOC being added to our Minneapolis Headquarters

Comm-Works NOC

Construction at Comm-Works; NOC being added to our Minneapolis Headquarters

Comm-Works’ success is measured by how well we serve our customers. This mentality, embedded in our company’s culture, drives us to always ask questions, welcome feedback, and most importantly, listen to our customer’s needs. For some time, we have been receiving requests to implement onsite monitoring and help desk services. Because of this pressing need, Comm-Works began a remodel of our Minneapolis headquarters, consisting of an on-site NOC with full technology upgrades.

Comm-Works NOC Construction

What is a NOC?

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is a designated area where expert personnel supervise, monitor, and manage various aspects of a customer’s network. From troubleshooting to configurations the NOC is the key to assuring 24/7/365 network reliability and stability.

Advanced Technology

As part of the remodel, we are implementing a complete technology upgrade.

First, we are using Meraki wireless solutions to take advantage of their MR 42 access points, which are AC wave 2 devices. This provides a more robust wireless network that is voice and guest enabled. It also allows us to work with beacon technology, giving us a platform to test and demo applications for our retail customers. Using a Meraki layer 3 MS350 POE (Power over Ethernet ) network switch enables us to use the Meraki dashboard to gather and view system metrics and also provides a platform for IP media streaming to monitors in and around the NOC.

Comm-Works NOC Construction

IP media streaming gives us the ability to display graphical and real-time data on monitors in the NOC and around Comm-Works. These advanced monitors showcase the health of all networks supported by the NOC and provide detailed summaries of all system activity, including: real-time traffic flow, ticket aging, and call metrics. The monitors are driven by our partner’s IP multimedia MUX, that showcases their technology working along side with Comm-Works’ ingenuity.

In addition, we are showcasing a unique flat under carpet, Cat 6 low voltage cabling and electrical cabling system that will feed the workstations to ensure maximum connectivity. NOC power will be running 24/7/365 as we utilize our fantastic power back up systems that tie into our data center. Our backup system provides true 100% up time ability to all our customers.

Upgraded technology will modernize and enhance the space. It will also help showcase the variety of the solutions we offer, including:

Importance of Security

The NOC also houses top of the line security features that ensure the safety of our clients’ data. It will be secured with upgraded access card scanners and biometric technology including, facial recognition and finger scanning.

Stay Tuned…

With continued improvements in technology and Comm-Works’ team of experts, we continue to grow our business. Check back in coming weeks for additional details about the progress of our NOC!

Kelsey Dahl

Marketing Coordinator at Comm-Works

Kelsey currently serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Comm-Works. She possesses experience in the marketing and communications space, and has worked in a variety of fields including technology and retail. She holds her Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications from the University of Minnesota in MN and in her spare time, you’ll find her discussing fashion and design, her passion for animals, and spending time with family.

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