Our Value to Your Business

An Extension of Your Company

With a resource pool of more than 20,000 technicians across the globe and a real-time project management tool – Comm-Works Command Center (C3), Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support quickly and efficiently to more than 200,000 customer locations.

By leveraging this global reach and our broad industry knowledge, Comm-Works acts as an extension of your company to deliver scalable, consistent and high-quality technology deployment solutions. At Comm-Works, our IT services cover every corner of your network, from infrastructure to applications to devices. We are your one-stop provider for getting everything IT related done right.


We help companies rediscover innovation

We take over the day-to-day operations of your technology rollouts and support, so that you can concentrate on what matters most, your business and maintaining the competitive edge to drive your business forward through innovative technology.

We make it easy

We know that taking on new service providers and adapting to new process requirements can be a pain, that’s why we make it easy to do business with us. We simply work to become an extension of you and your requirements.

We Make It Easy


Comm-Works’ pricing is upfront and simple. We will not swindle you with a teaser rate and then change order you to death. We are interested in a long term partnership, therefore we will provide you with the value that you have come to expect from Comm-Works. We will go above and beyond our commitment to ensure you, our customers, are delighted.

We have a customer first philosophy

We put our customers first and aim to provide top-notch support at all levels, within the scope of projects that we manage. Our services are excellent, and we aim to prove our worth to your business through quantifiable actions.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Comm-Works has a vast global partner network filled with qualified technicians. This immense network enables Comm-Works to handle multiple sites, simultaneously, over a global geographic area of more than 120 countries and quickly scale field resources to meet your needs.

We Live Our Vision Every Day

Our vision is to become the leading provider of outsourced technology deployment, infrastructure, and support services for large, multiple location organizations worldwide.

Comm-Works Vision
Commitment Service and Quality

Our Commitment to You

We will earn your loyalty through our willingness to go anywhere, anytime, to meet your needs and solve your problems in innovative ways – all driven by teamwork, expertise, and commitment of our outstanding people.

Our Process

We know that managing new technology initiatives across a distributed branch enterprise can be difficult, which is why we built a process around it.

Trusted By Leading Organizations

Core Values
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