Environmental Awareness

Comm-Works sees the Internet and networking technology at the heart of a global technological ecosystem where people and businesses can begin to work, live, play, and learn in new and more sustainable ways. Comm-Works applies the full weight of our scale, services, best practices, and partnerships to drive advancements in environmental sustainability that benefit everyone—from individuals to enterprises.

Comm-Works makes it an initiative to give back into the environment what they take out. By focusing on increasing re-usability and decreasing toxicity we believe we are making a difference in the environment.

The Comm-Works Warehouse operates as a lean Eco-friendly machine. Our standards require reusing, recycling, and packing shipments using environmentally efficient methods to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions. For the CO2 emissions that we are unable to eliminate, we replenish into the environment.

CW Operations

CW Operations

The disposal of electronic devices improperly can have devastating repercussions on data security, health and safety of communities, and the environment. Comm-Works provides a 100% reuse/recycle program for our customers with 3 –levels of data destruction (R2 standard data destruction, certified data destruction, and physical drive and media destruction), recycling, and refurbishing. No matter the devices we ensure a secure chain of custody during transportation, and deinstallation/destruction, and that the value is verified.

Comm-Works hires partners that adhere to sustainable practices. For example, UPS, Comm-Works’ primary shipping company, acts in accordance to a number of carbon neutral initiatives. Our primary distributor, Graybar, operates a 55,000 square-foot LEED certified facility in Tucson, AZ and has a sustainability commitment that encompasses the responsible stewardship of resources, reducing its impact on the environment, and providing sustainable solutions in the marketplace.

Service Innovation Goals

Comm-Works encourages our employees to be innovative and give back to our local communities’ environment by offering a Community Point System. Our Community Point system allows employees to earn points by offering ideas on how the company can help improve the environment and by participating in environment related events. These points can then be used to buy items within the company store.

By providing the right tools and nurturing environment, we believe that the sky is the limit to what our employees can accomplish and we love that our employees, community, environment, and society as a whole reap the benefits!

Service Innovation