Your Company Wi-Fi Wells Don’t Need to Run Dry

Empty Wi-Fi Well

Your Company Wi-Fi Wells Don’t Need to Run Dry

Managing a growing business in a world effected by rapid advancements in technology is largely about finding the right solutions that make your daily management tasks easier and your workforce more productive. This is also our goal at Comm-Works.

Providing your workforce with effective ways to utilize the cloud means reducing the need for installing many pieces of hardware to operate your wireless network. The use of proper planning and Adtran’s Bluesocket vWLAN will save headaches, time and precious budget dollars. The Bluesocket vWLAN solution provides control and management in a central location using software control via Hypervisor, but in three flavors…

1. Public
2. Private
3. Hybrid

As an Adtran partner, Comm-Works has the ability to design and install wireless solutions quickly and professionally. To learn more about this wireless solution that utilizes the cloud, check out this great video.

Don’t forget, as a comprehensive service provider, Comm-Works is here to help you with all of your wireless needs from assessment and design to installation and support. Please visit us at to learn more or give us a call at (800) 853-8090. Also, connect with us on LinkedIn.

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