Communication to Customers

Official Press Release: Online | PDF


Q:  What happened?
A:  Comm-Works, LLC. Acquired Networks Access Products (NAP).

Q:  Who is NAP and what do they do?
A:  NAP operates a fully functional 7x24x365 Network Operations Center staffed around the clock with certified Technical Support resources.  NAP also provides a nationwide network of Field Engineering resources with sparing depots located in over 100 markets across North America to meet any site-based needs that may be required by a customer.  With over 12,000 field resources, NAP is staffed to complete a variety of tasks including low voltage cabling, device installation, site survey work, technology troubleshooting, wireless technology deployment and support, POS system support and other site based services.

Q: When and why did this acquisition occur?
A:  The acquisition of NAP, based in Ramsey, Minnesota became effective March 2, 2017, and will further enhance Comm-Works’ managed services and depot maintenance capabilities.

Q:  Which markets does NAP serve?
A:   NAP targets a number of different markets, with a particular focus on retail and banking.

Q:  What happens now?
A:  While we look forward to exploring the many growth and market opportunities this acquisition creates; we are not announcing any major changes to the current procedures you’re used to at this time.  We want to ensure a smooth transition and business as usual for our customers.  So throughout the initial transition phase of this integration, both companies will remain operational independent of each other.  Your contacts and processes should remain the same for the time being.  Throughout the transition phase (6-months) you may receive communication around changes that would affect your day-to-day operations.

Q:  What does this mean for Comm-Works?
A:  With this acquisition, Comm-Works rounds out our industry leading managed services, connectivity services and maintenance to the multisite retail and banking industry.  Our combined teams will bring added value and opportunities to add greater capabilities and efficiencies to our business.