How Comm-Works Employees are Supporting Their Communities

How Comm-Works Employees are Supporting Their Communities

Comm-Works cares. Here’s how some employees are working to help support their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In times like these, community matters more than ever.  Comm-Works employees are lending helping hands and making an impact in their communities. They are living out the values of our organization and we are so proud to employ such compassionate individuals.

Matt Heller – Project Manager

“We spent one evening making goodie bags for the local police force.  Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD) recently had an officer killed in the line of duty.

We have a very close family friend that is an officer, and our girls made goodie bags including snacks and hand drawn support messages and pictures to be passed out to some of the heroes in our community. ”


John Joyce – Field Tech Engineer

“My middle child, Hayden, re­ceived a sewing machine for her 11th birthday on March 13th, just before the outbreak happened.

After she’s done with her online classes for the day, she makes masks for her family and her girl scout troop.”


Richard Needham – Project Manager

“My family added some art to our front window. We live at a “T” in our neighborhood and a lot of people walk by our house every day.

Hoping this brings some positiv­ity and joy!”


Steve Haraf –  CCTV Analyst

“I have been serving on the St Mary of the Lake Covid-19 task force doing well being checks of the people near St Mary of the Lake parish. I call each registered parishioner and make sure they are ok, or assign a different parish volunteer to help them with groceries or picking up medication for local Chicago residents that are home isolated. We are also helping to coordinate an Emergency food drive taking place on April 19 where over 500 local Chicago residents will get an Emergency food supply.”


Jeff Kaproth – Project Manager

“We made a thank you sign from the Becker Cub Scouts, and lit it up Blue for the night.”

#LightItBlue MN


Kristin Althof – Project Coordinator 

“A few volunteers in our neighborhood painted rocks in all different colors/patterns, and placed the rocks throughout the walking trails to create a scavenger hunt for the kids (or adults.) We took pictures of each rock and created a chart each family could print, so they could check off the box when they found each one. It’s simple and silly – but we received lots of great feedback from grateful parents.”


We hope our employees have inspired you to continue to support your community in any way you are able to during this time. #InThisTogether #CommWorksCares

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