Comm-Works 2.0: A New Era of IT Integration

Comm-Works 2.0 IT Integration

Comm-Works 2.0: A New Era of IT Integration

Helping Retailers Improve Their Customer Experience While Maintaining a Secure Environment

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – (December 9, 2014) The retail environment is continually evolving, and as a direct correlation Comm-Works has evolved their services to align with their customers’ needs. This year at NRF’s 2015 Big Show, Comm-Works will be showcasing how they are helping retailers keep their customers engaged and safe from data breaches. This new era and development of services, has become known as Comm-Works 2.0. Comm-Works 2.0 not only celebrates Comm-Works ability to remain on the forefront of technology, but it additionally represents a successful 20 years of business.

In today’s brick and mortar locations, it’s all about connecting with your customers and building an experience they are unable to receive in the digital space. Comm-Works helps make this a reality by eliminating all limitations that can arise pertaining to technology. It is the combination of knowledgeable engineers, highly skilled technicians, hands on project management, and their partnerships that make them an anomaly within the IT integration community. With their level of expertise, they are more than your trusted advisor, they are an extension of your company that can help identify your goals and align them with the necessary technology platforms.

What makes Comm-Works 2.0 unique is the level of in-house expertise each with a focus on various technology areas, allowing Comm-Works to truly become your ‘one-stop’ IT integration provider. Although it is not always apparent, technology is all connected and it is beneficial to have multiple specialists look at each project. Once you begin opening connectivity, mobility, and cloud solutions, in order to increase the customer experience in countless tasks such as incorporating a mobile check out, you can increase your vulnerability regarding data security. Thankfully, we have the expertise to ensure that you remain secure.

This year at NRF 2015, Comm-Works will be accompanied and supported by five of their partners including; ANX, Broadline, DataStrait, 3xLogic, and Airtight. We will be discussing how all of these necessary technologies rely and support one another in order to coexist within the retail apace.

Come see Comm-Works at booth 3563!

About Comm-Works
Since 1995, Comm-Works has been a leading IT integrator offering: repeatable, consistent, high-quality, and timely IT implementations. Comm-Works Service Lifecycle Management, is known for its outstanding levels of project management and 24/7/365 customer support. With 20,000 + network technicians in over 150 countries, Comm-Works covers various technology areas, with on-site capabilities in 4 hours or less.


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