Cloud Storage Simplifies Security Systems, Putting Retail Corporations on Cloud Nine

Cloud Storage for Security Systems

Cloud Storage Simplifies Security Systems, Putting Retail Corporations on Cloud Nine

Theft statistics are steadily increasing, and cloud storage offers companies enhanced protection. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, “there are approximately 27 million shoplifters in our nation today.” Chain Store Age (CSA), estimates that this shoplifting epidemic robs the global retail industry of $128 billion dollars a year, with $42 billion lost in the United States alone. Loss of profit results in higher prices for the consumer, which we all pay for. Implementing security surveillance is not only appropriate; it’s crucial to decrease inventory shrinkage in your company’s business. Some companies resist the implementation of this type of technology and protection, based on the mistaken belief that internal security is too complex, time consuming, and an overall maintenance headache. Now, with cloud storage the headaches of maintaining and monitoring a physical security system are gone, and complexity is a thing of the past.

Cloud storage utilizes a convenient service model in which video is stored remotely. This type of storage is perfect for businesses that have limited IT support and do not wish to incur the overhead associated with a dedicated IT department. By taking advantage of this model, the end user receives an easy to use and stable security solution, giving consumers the freedom from on-site hardware, storage, maintenance and software updates.

Since the security footage is stored in the cloud, the viewer can access the footage remotely and on mobile devices. Off-site viewing adds a level of security to your business by ensuring protection against unplanned events such as fires, loss of security footage, or natural disasters. Cloud storage is as flexible as it gets. Businesses can customize their own system to determine exactly how long footage is stored and when the cameras are filming footage, which can be controlled based on real-time alerts. The ability to do this saves time, money, and space. According to John Ringis, Vice President of security at Comm-Works, some companies perceive that hiring a service may be too expensive and unaffordable. However, he feels that the technology has advanced and reached an affordable price point. The costs associated with thefts and inventory loss, exceed that of adapting to cloud storage. Now, companies simply can’t afford to not invest in this cutting edge technology.

Cloud storage is a worry free security necessity, that allows businesses to stop playing defense and concentrate on playing offense. Cloud storage allows companies to focus their time and energy on controllable variables, such as, increasing your company’s bottom line. Today in business, there is no greater benefit than a solution for loss prevention. Cloud storage has a sky high future filled with endless possibilities.

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