Challenges in 5G

Challenges in 5G

Comm-Works Wireless Practice Leader, Peter Byrd, offers his perspective on upcoming challenges during the roll out phase of 5G.

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One of the issues with 5G is it operates at a much higher frequency range. The propagation characteristics for the radio waves are much different, so the size of a 5G cell site is going to be much smaller than what we see today in terms of technology.

So, what that means is, it’s going to cost a lot more to deploy a 5G network, because you’re going to have to bring in the density of all those cell sites… a lot more cell sites to cover the same area. So, it gets pretty expensive, and I think that’s part of why we’re going to see a slow roll-out of 5G over the next few years. There’s limited availability today in certain markets; you probably see it in the news. I think by 2021 we’ll see more widespread adoption of 5G.

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