Comm-Works Industry Updates

Mobile Solutions Can Help You Better Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Customers are increasingly expecting access to banking services through a wide variety of channels. Gone are the days of customers only receiving service in-branch, they demand service anywhere, anytime. The only way to achieve this is by implementing an Omnichannel banking strategy, and a significant component of this is implementing mobile and wireless solutions.

Your Organization’s Physical Security Solution May Be at Risk

Is your time being wasted while you wait for your security vendor and your IT vendor to finish the blame game? You're not alone, your physical security solutions begin here. Many organizations have been in the same position. With their access control systems down, video surveillance underperforming, and intrusion detection failures creating heightened risks, their organization has been set up for ultimate chaos. If only there were a way to manage all of these platforms with one reliable support structure, ensuring an organized and effective solution is in place. It's your lucky day.