Comm-Works Industry Updates

Wireless wide-area networks (WANs) are growing in popularity as reliability and bandwidth of cellular networks improve with each technology evolution.  From primary circuit failover, to pop-up network install, to day-one connectivity while waiting for internet providers, wireless WAN solutions are a quick and effective approach to staying connected.  When you chose the right LTE carrier, your failover solution in fail-proof. But how do you know the highest rated service provider in your area? What about your other site locations in different states and cities – how do you find which carrier works best there? How do you lay out your equipment within each site to ensure the best signal?   Conducting an LTE cellular survey at each site will allow you to move forward with the best carrier for your site location and help you identify the best location for the equipment.  [button size='' style='' text='Request More Info' icon='' icon_color='#7e00a1' link='#unique-identifier' target='_self' color='' hover_color='' border_color='' hover_border_color='' background_color='' hover_background_color='' font_style='' font_weight='' text_align='' margin='']

Basic Failover Solution 

LTE surveys help you pick the best coverage 

The first step in WAN failover implementation is to identify which LTE service provider has the highest signal quality and strength for your business location. Comm-Works LTE survey kits are able to take a detailed survey of all existing LTE signals and determine the best choice based on signal quality.   Your failover solution will run on this network, so making sure your back up connection is high-quality is key to any WAN failover solution’s success. 

LTE Surveys help you determine the layout and placement of WAN equipment 

Just like picking the right service provider is important, choosing the best location for WAN equipment within the site is also critical.  Why spend money for a failover solution only to stick it into a closet where there is no cellular coverage? This will leave you with an ill-performing solution.    Functionality and aesthetics are both factors when choosing the right location for the failover solution.  Comm-Works LTE cellular surveys identify the best placement and orientation for WAN equipment for optimal reception is critical to a successful deployment. 

LTE surveys can help you compare costs and coverages of service providers 

There are many mobile service providers available today, and each have different data plans to choose from. Deciding which carrier and plan to go with can be tricky. If you know which networks provide the best signal for a working solution and which do not, it makes the decision a no-brainer.  Comm-Works' LTE cellular surveys allow you to see what signals are available and at what cost, so you can choose a working solution that fits your budget and needs. 

Comm-Works LTE Cellular Site Survey 

The Comm-Works LTE Cellular Survey is a service performed on-site by a trained technician using custom built survey tools.  Surveys include (among other criteria): 
  1. Running a performance test comparing each mobile network for signal strength  
  2. Signal quality 
  3. Download & upload speeds 
  4. Response time 
Results of the survey are uploaded to a cloud server, and a custom report is generated displaying relevant factors to selecting the best mobile provider and the ideal location within the location. 

LTE Cellular Survey Diagram