NRF 2017 BIG Show Spotlight – Wireless Solutions


NRF 2017 BIG Show Spotlight – Wireless Solutions

At this year’s Big Show Comm-Works’ will be hosting a Technology Tailgate complete with football, games, prizes, and of course, technology. Throughout our Spotlight Blog Series we will announce our starting lineup of technology experts who will be attending NRF’s Big Show to give live demos, answer questions, and direct retailers to a winning IT strategy.

Introducing our wide receiver of wireless and this year’s MVP, Heath Blobaum.

HeathCareer: Heath Blobaum is a Certified Wireless Network Professional with certifications from Cisco, Adtran, and Mojo Networks. In 2005, he started working with Comm Works as a Solution Center Project Engineer. Since 2010, Heath has worked as a Wireless Engineer specializing in WLAN design, testing, and implementation. In 2015, he became Comm-Works’ Wireless Practice Leader.

Over the years, Comm-Works has built relationships with many wireless industry leaders, allowing us to provide best in class Wi-Fi support to our customers. At NRF 2017 Comm-Works’ will be highlighting some of our key wireless partners by providing live product demonstrations that showcase the ease-of-use and excellent performance of Cisco Meraki, Cradlepoint, and RetailNext’s technologies.

MX Security Appliance
The Meraki MX security appliances provide a complete cloud-managed security solution in a single box, including features such as: next generation firewall protection, intrusion prevention, automatic VPN, content filtering, anti-malware/anti-phishing, and it also provides high availability failover to its users.

Switching Line
Meraki MS switches support multi-gigabit Ethernet allowing for better performance, especially from the latest access points. Flexible stacking is a key component of the MS line, allowing configuration of many ports across standalone and physically stacked switches regardless of location. This product line, allows for visibility of Layer 7, making understanding network resource use easy. QoS is available for latency sensitive applications, thus providing the priority and bandwidth required for great performance.

MR Access Point Line
Meraki MR Access points are built for performance by supporting 802.11n and 802.11ac standards. By providing variable transmit power radios using radio chipsets the MR line is able to increase RF propagation in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The MR line has an enhanced receive sensitivity providing lower powered WLAN clients with a better wireless experience. MR access points also contain a dedicated security radio that scans and protects against security threats.

Cradlepoint AER3100 Capabilities
This Cradlepoint routing solution combines cloud-management, advanced security, WAN diversity, 4G LTE failover, high performance Wi-Fi, and duel modem capabilities for deployment versatility when wired lines are too costly or not available.

Benefits include:

  • Improve QoE and Increased Availability
  • Maximize Flexibility
  • Quick Deployment and Scalability
  • Added Security and Protection

RetailNext In-Store Analytics Platform
This market leading software platform by RetailNext focuses on optimizing the in-store shopping experience through an analytics solution designed for physical stores, malls, and retail-like venues. By understanding the shopper’s path-to-purchase, retailers gain an e-commerce level of insight increasing same-store sales, reducing theft, and optimizing operational efficiency.

Comm-Works Comprehensive Wireless Solutions
Comm-Works’ technology team and strategic partners work together to build one comprehensive IT solution fitting of all your business needs. Learn more about Comm-Works’ Wireless Services and our ability to provide high-performing, compliant, secure, scalable, and managed wireless solutions.

More About Comm-Works’ Wireless Solutions

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Kelsey Dahl

Marketing Coordinator at Comm-Works

Kelsey currently serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Comm-Works. She possesses experience in the marketing and communications space, and has worked in a variety of fields including technology and retail. She holds her Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications from the University of Minnesota in MN and in her spare time, you’ll find her discussing fashion and design, her passion for animals, and spending time with family.

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