Benefits of a Cloud-Managed Wireless Network

Cloud Managed Wireless Network

Benefits of a Cloud-Managed Wireless Network

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets are increasing the demand on organizations to provide wireless connectivity. More often, network engineers are considering outsourcing their wireless networks to avoid the headache of dealing with potential problems on their own. According to an article by Jessica Scarpati at TechTarget, “Cloud-managed wireless is growing three times faster than the wireless LAN market as a whole.”

5 Benefits of a Cloud-Managed Wireless Network

Using internal IT resources to manage and monitor a Wi-Fi network can be costly and time consuming, which makes an outsourced solution more affordable. In fact, implementing a cloud-managed wireless solution can provide several benefits.

Lower CostsLower IT Costs

Get a predictable monthly operational cost (Opex), rather than capital expenditures (Capex) for various moves, adds, changes, and unpredictable system failures. Reduce equipment failures, ensure consistent maintenance and security, and perform quicker and less-costly repairs.

Increase ProductivityIncrease Productivity

Relieve your current IT resources by eliminating the need for onsite wireless support. Proactively discover and remediate technical issues before employee workflow is affected.

Improve SecurityImprove Security

Network sensors, software, and applications work together to identify complications and rogue APs, sending auto-alerts and isolating the issue when a problem is detected. Automatically maintain security and software updates, keeping your critical business data protected.

Analytics and Reporting

Get real-time analysis of security incidents or breakdowns and utilize customer feedback, reports and data to improve business decision making.

IT SupportSuperior Support

Eliminate the need to worry about equipment maintenance and software upgrades. Managed wireless IT support will remediate issues with speed, skill and efficiency.

A cloud-managed wireless network solution can save money, boost productivity, and enhance your network security. Experience less downtime, receive superior IT support and leverage key business analytics in order to achieve your business goals and objectives.

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