Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Technology is a Game Changer for Your Organization

Artificial Intelligence For Wireless

Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Technology is a Game Changer for Your Organization

It’s Happening, Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Technology

We have heard and read about new artificial intelligence or computer learning technology. We have seen it applied to self-driving vehicles, in our use of routing applications for our driving directions, and even how we categorize our email communications. In one of our recent articles, we discussed The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare Technology.

In all the wonder that is AI, have you stopped to consider the impact artificial intelligence will have on wireless technology?

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on WI-FI Technology

When we think about WLANs, one of the most significant ideas that comes to the forefront is troubleshooting. Consider the time spent on the following:

  • Initially trying to realize if a Wi-Fi issue exists
  • Understanding what is causing the problem
  • How to remediate the issue

Triaging, analyzing, and remediating generally takes up a quarter of the available time in any given work week. This often includes sending out technicians with WLAN analysis tools to capture RF readings presented in heat maps. Time is also spent troubleshooting cycles on packet captures which then have to be parsed for clues as to what issues exist.


Today manufacturers like Mist Systems and Aruba have AI solutions that help provide visibility to functionality and performance of Wi-Fi networks as well as drive earlier resolutions to Wi-Fi issues. These solutions help take some of the mystery out of troubleshooting Wi-Fi.

In a recent article from Mist Networks, Mean time to innocence – using AI to uncover the truth behind perceived WI-FI issues, Sudheer Mata notes:

“AI replaces manual Wi-Fi management tasks with automated intelligence and provides deep insight that helps identify and fix problems faster than ever before. This is the direction that all IT is going – and Wi-Fi is right there on the front line.” - Sudheer Matta, VP of Products at Mist Systems

IT Administrators also struggle troubleshooting their WI-FI network. Daniel Yasynskyi over at Periodix dives in deeper:

Danil Yasynskyi

Danil Yasynskyi, CEO at Periodix – Follow on Twitter @PeriodixNet


These days IT administrators don’t know the status of the WI-FI network until symptoms are observed. The significant disadvantage of it – IT admins can’t troubleshoot a problem in advance. They don’t know what and when will happen.

However, Artificial Intelligence develops every minute.

How would AI help them?

AI for the wireless collects data via data dumps and event logs that are missive and doesn’t give any context needed for defining cause identification and remediation. After collecting data, AI engineers can analyze it and predict what and when will happen with the wireless networks.

Also, AI lets IT admins automate operation tasks: event correlation, packet captures, etc. It causes analysis that manual configuration and emergency tasks can be liquidated.

That’s why AI tools can free up system administrators from sitting at a console or waiting for signals. It helps to reduce the cost of IT support and administration. Because of deep neural nets automatize the analyzes and make possible to analyze every direction of wireless. Machine learning and algorithms can provide the end user experience. AI can change the wireless development and improve value to wireless networks to automatically ensuring the premise.

AI is the future. It will be pressing operational performance in business and giving unprecedented user experiences.

-Danil Yasynskyi, Founder, and CEO at, entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience. Danil has a degree in Rocket Science and is a fan of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Periodix helps people to find the best freelance/consultant/remote part-time job fast. Based on AI it matches a freelancer with open positions.


To accommodate a global financial services organization as it continues to grow and adapt to changing A.I. technology, Comm-Works built a wireless assessment and installation process that can be replicated and implemented throughout each new location. This provides critical scalability when additional divisions of the financial services company are ready for the upgrade.

Read more in this recent case study.

Read more in this recent case study.

If you struggle with Wi-Fi performance and troubleshooting, contact Comm-Works today.

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