5 Reasons Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider

Managed IT Services Provider

5 Reasons Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider

Lack of a Managed IT Services Provider Have you Struggling?

Many IT directors face a common challenge as they focus on constant growth for the organization. That challenge is having a sufficient number of employees within their IT department to provide the knowledge and support needed, within budget, to ensure the organization is growing at expected rates. How do you ensure all of these aspects are covered?  A managed IT services provider may be the route to take. Many organizations are no longer seeing the support they need from within to successfully expand their organization. To properly manage and monitor your network and technology, you may need additional resources.

Managed IT services are on the rise. According to a report via ReportLinker, Managed IT Service Providers: Global Markets to 2021, managed IT services are estimated to grow by 11.5% from 2017-2021. They note that an “Increasing demand from cloud services from the banking, financial services and insurance, technology, and healthcare industries is expected to drive this market. Many companies are expanding their geographical presence inorganically through mergers and acquisitions.”

Here are 5 Reasons Why you Need Managed Services

Ability to Scale to New Levels
With organizations looking to scale at a rapid pace, they often face the struggle of having insufficient IT support to grow and expand in new territories and countries. With a managed IT services provider, you can instantly grow without a headache and cost of hiring additional internal IT staff. With managed services, there is a team of experts available 24/7 to ensure any IT issue that may arise, is handled immediately. It’s time to end the suffering from overloaded employees that may be lacking the knowledge and skills needed to ensure your organization is continually a driving force, scaling to new levels.

Amplified Network Security to Eliminate Breaches
Organizations are taking heightened steps and spending frightening amounts of money to ensure their networks and data are safe. With cybersecurity being top of mind for nearly every company in the world, it is a topic that should not be taken lightly. Executives are spending valuable amounts of time to ensure they are implementing the proper security patches and updates to protect all of their locations, but time is money, and so is the risk of a data breach if one isn’t done promptly. With a managed IT services provider, security patches, and updates are applied promptly throughout all of your locations.

Business Continuity and Less Network Downtime
Business continuity services assess the vulnerability of your organizations’ operations, data, physical space, and assets. Implementing the right applications, tools, backup servers, and software ensure your enterprise has a solid continuity plan in place. A managed IT services provider acts as an extension of your IT team to deploy your network applications and keep them continuously available during crashes and failures and redirects traffic from troubled instances to ones that are running smoothly. Automatic system updates mean that your application is always highly secure and constantly reducing downtime. You do not have to worry about patching, faulty hardware and software, or network issues.

Proactive Approach to Maintenance & Monitoring
Avoid issues before they happen. Proactive maintenance and monitoring provide organizations the peace of mind needed to ensure their critical devices and applications are being monitored 24/7. IT executives do not have time to worry about dependability and network connection speeds. With customized alerts, potential problems are identified and resolved before affecting your business.

Round-the-Clock Support with Helpdesk Services
Give your customers the support they require. Helpdesk services with a managed it services provider are delivered to ensure your customers’ time-sensitive questions and concerns are being addressed and resolved immediately. Organizations are provided the confidence that their clients are getting the IT support they need when they need it. Helpdesk services operate 24/7/365 with a high average resolution rate on the first call. 


Get Back to Business.

In our infographic, Insourcing or Outsourcing IT? Pros vs. Cons, we touch on some of the struggles organizations face utilizing internal IT staff. “With a dramatic upswing in technology growth, nearly all companies are in need of some IT support. Insourcing may seem like a good upfront option. However short-term projects or even your everyday IT needs may be more efficiently outsourced than managed in-house.”

Monitoring and managing internal systems takes the focus off of your goals and objectives. Shift your attention back to business, and hire the support you need to fulfill all of your IT demands successfully.

Matthew Dahly

Marketing Content Specialist at Comm-Works

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