What is 4G Failover Continuity?

4G Failover Continuity

What is 4G Failover Continuity?

4G Failover Continuity is the ability to maintain Internet connectivity for critical data processing across a distributed enterprise network in the event of a wired Internet connectivity failure. Many of today’s distributed enterprise networks have branch sites that require 24/7 uptime, and there is no room for connectivity failures.

A failure in an organization’s connectivity can result in:

  • Loss of revenue via point-of-sale systems that no longer have internet connectivity.
  • Cloud-based data processing applications no longer function in real-time.
  • Service providers must dispatch technicians for repair, which can result in additional costs to the business.
  • Customers losing trust in the business’s ability to provide products or services which can result in even more revenue losses.

According to Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, “an hour of down time can typically cost an organization $300k per hour.” If a business’s Internet connectivity were to fail during a time of higher traffic, the holidays for example, the monetary loss of being unable to process cards would be significantly higher.

A 4G Failover solution differs from a wired failover solution, which remains costly and vulnerable to the same outages as the primary wired connectivity solutions. Implementing a 4G Failover Solution should be considered due to low cost, high availability, and always providing a return to the bottom line. Unlike the wired solution, a 4G Failover Solution is easily scalable and distributed across enterprise networks.

Do not take the risk of losing revenue, productivity, and having a negative customer experience. If your business is vulnerable to connectivity downtime, invest in a 4G Failover Solution, as it is practical, convenient, and affordable.