12 New Trends In Technology Worth Knowing: from the Comm-Work’s 2018 Symposium | Comm-Works

Technology Trends 2018

12 New Trends In Technology Worth Knowing: from the Comm-Work’s 2018 Symposium | Comm-Works

The 2018 Technology Trends That Directly Impact Your Business

Technology leaders from across the country joined Comm-Works at the 2018 Technology Symposium this year in Minneapolis, MN for a day packed full of networking, entertainment, and informative speakers touching today’s hottest technology trends.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What did they cover that is so interesting and how does it affect me?”

Well, let’s jump right in.

12 Technology Trends and Takeaways from Comm-Work’s 2018 Symposium

The show started off with a bang as futurist, Jack Uldrich, took the stage.

Jack Uldrich

“The first thing we need to do if we want to future proof ourselves, our companies, and our industry, is becoming aware of how much is happening right before our very eyes that we're just not seeing yet.”


The ability to project digital information on top of the real world isn’t just going to help us better understand threats. It’s going to help us understand our health better. It’s going to transform education. Augmented reality is a real trend, and you need to be starting to think how it will impact your business.


What if I told you that you have lived through a technology that’s gone from thousands to millions, to billions, to trillions, to quadrillions within just the last 30 years? Well, you should believe me because it’s data storage. The exponential growth of data storage has transformed our world and the way we do business.


As many of you know, in the next couple of years, we’re going to go from 4G to 5G. It’s a huge deal. At a minimum, it’s 10x faster, and it might be up to a hundred fold more powerful. The opportunities for business include better support for IoT ecosystems, more reliable communications and efficiency gains specific to each industry by encouraging more efficient activity.

Jack Uldrich Presenting


Our very own, Brian Flander, Director of Cloud IT Services and Managed IT Services, kept the momentum going.

Brian Flander

“With hundreds of thousands of locations, maximizing your uptime is extremely important. If your site goes down, you are losing money, plain and simple. It’s time to avoid those situations for good.”


A multi-site strategy is as important as the back end. You have the design and what it looks like from a technology perspective, but once it’s up and you have the installments running, what’s your plan? When it comes to executing a multi-site strategy, it requires a consistent method to make sure that every location is as cookie cutter as possible. If your locations can’t process transactions because they’re down, you’re losing money, and you have unhappy customers.


With many different types of technology throughout all of your locations, it is certain that you need to have a way to maintain them. Different parts are going to go down, they will get old and need to be replaced, the hardware is going to fail; It happens, right? It doesn’t matter what the technology is, monitors, routers, switches, firewalls, pcs, access points, cameras; you name it, it all fails eventually. So is it seamless with the rest of the way you operate? Or will it become a game of finger pointing from your provider, to your internal IT, to your vendor? Without a preventive maintenance strategy, what should have been an automated system turns into a 20-hour ordeal and $10,000 down the drain.

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With a solid Network Operations Center (NOC) and IT Support Help Desk Services strategy, you need to ask yourself if it is in-house or outsourced? How efficient is it? Do you have a measurement of internal operational excellence? These are important questions you have to answer as you move forward with implementing a monitoring strategy because it has to be as seamless as possible. It’s about minimizing the downtime and maximizing uptime.

Brian Flander presenting


John Ringis, VP of Physical Security for Comm-Works, provided a handful of optimized strategies to ensure you see immediate ROI with your organization’s physical security solutions and approach.

John Ringis

“What are some things you can do and some things you should avoid doing to make sure that you maximize your return on investment?”



A lot of us are still running hardware and software that’s been around for 10, 12, 15 years, right? You may not be up to date on the latest software, but it probably still works. So along came this new term in the security space called hybrid, a device that we can plug in that supports many different types of technologies. The end user can begin upgrading these platforms to take advantage of some of the latest and greatest features without having to do what we call a “forklift overhaul.” Giving you organization the ability to scale its physical security infrastructure over time.


Many organizations are asking, how do I go about updating my security infrastructure when it’s time? Do I have to overhaul it? Can I upgrade pieces and parts? What’s the best approach to that? With an outsourced security provider, they will simplify these questions. Whether it’s access control or video, they can go in and simply upgrade certain pieces and components today to bring those systems into the modern era.


It’s time to look beyond recorded video. Business intelligence and video analytics are core to the organization and are now changing the way businesses think about their video surveillance  physical security strategy. Video analytics play a vital role in an organizations decision-making process and allows data collected from video surveillance to advance and develop a business rather than simply protecting it.

John Ringis presenting


Comm-Works’ Heath Blobaum, Director of Wireless Technology, rounded out the event with vital components to your wireless solutions and strategy that you must consider implementing immediately.

Heath Blobaum

“Where are your customers and employees spending most of their time? What devices are we using and where? Analytics are valuable across all industries and organizations are finally taking advantage of it.”


By not following a design process, you will create poor performance across your locations and dissatisfaction for your users. As you move forward, you’ll end up going back to redesign, which will cost you more dollars than needed. By following a good design process from the start, you’ll have high performing access points at your locations, and you will not have to go back and make costly redesigns.


Managed Wi-Fi vendors provide the experts you need. Just because you have a networking expert doesn’t mean they are a Wi-Fi expert – allowing an outsourced vendor to help you will prevent having to bring on additional costly resources, which provides immediate ROI. Managed Wi-Fi vendors have the tools/experience needed to create a customized solution for your organization.


Think outside the traditional solution; we have previously been wired to think of the primary and secondary options. Think of wireless as both primary and secondary to meet your individual needs with multi-site deployment. With a growing market and growing technology, there is more opportunity for cost savings with a robust failover solution.

Check out Heath’s recent webinar recording, Wireless 101: Top Improvement for Modern Network and Mobility

Wireless 101 Webinar


The day wouldn’t have been possible without the help and attendance from our valued partners. Their valuable services bring many of these technology trends to the forefront and ensure customers are receiving top of the line, customized services.


has grown to become the industry leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE network solutions for business, service providers, and government organizations, and they are committed to extending our leadership into the emerging 5G space.


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, the leading SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for Enterprise IT, empowers you with the ability to monitor the data that matters to your business so that you can react quickly to problems and be proactive with solutions.

March Networks

As a leading provider of advanced video surveillance software and systems, March Networks work with certified partners and customers worldwide to transform video into usable business intelligence. The company’s integrated video and data solutions help organizations enhance security; mitigate risk; improve customer service, compliance and operations; and reduce losses from theft and fraud.


delivers global networking, advanced managed security, and cloud UC to medium and large enterprises. Each of their solutions is fully customizable, and they help global companies transition from legacy technologies to their agile, secure cloud-based solutions.


ties together the loose ends of your existing IT Asset Tracking strategy into a cohesive solution while adding the power of Real-Time Lifecycle Management to the business.


Each year, Comm-Works’ Technology Symposium brings new light to technology trends across all industries. Plans for the 2019 Technology Symposium are already underway. We are celebrating our 5th year, which means it will be our biggest and most valuable event yet.

Don’t miss out, connect with a representative today to begin discussing how Comm-Works’ will work best for you, and claim your spot at next year’s event.


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