Global Services

Scalable, consistent and high-quality IT.

Project Management

Project Management

Our project managers diligently oversee every project detail and maintain superior communication with shareholders and participants involved in the project.

Professional Services

Consultation/Professional Services

If you’re considering tackling an IT initiative, experience the value Comm-Works has to offer with our consultation, concept, design, and recommendation services. We talk through all of the different possibilities and work options in order to lower your operational costs while still maximizing your profit.

Assessment and Design

Assessment & Design

Comm-Works’ team of expert engineers are qualified, experienced, and motivated to guide our clients through the process of analyzing their business and technical needs to identify the right IT solution.



By leveraging our manufacturer relationships, we offer lower rates for the quality materials needed for your project.

Configuration and Staging

Configuration & Staging

Our state-of-the-art logistics center offers a secure environment for complete beginning-to-end project setup, ensuring productivity and efficiency during your project’s installation phase.

Deployment and Installation

Deployment & Installation

We're experts at deploying, installing, and maintaining consistency of a wide array of technologies, across locations across the globe.

Service and Support

Service & Support

Say goodbye to broken equipment and empty repair promises, and say hello to continuous 24/7/365 support--even after installation.

Global Maintenance

Global Maintenance

Preserve, maintain and gain with Comm-Works’ Global Maintenance Services.

Depot Repair

Depot Repair

Comm-Works provides you with the opportunity to conserve capital, increase profitability, and reduce costs by repairing, refurbishing, and reusing your equipment.

Decommission and Recycle

Decommission & Recycle

Improper disposal of electronic waste can be hazardous to the planet we live on. Take initiative, and join Comm-Works in being part of the solution and not the problem.



A strong business starts with a strong connection. Comm-Works understands that success is reliant on the ability to stay constantly connected. Let Comm-Works provide you with consistent, reliable, and simple connectivity solutions.


Managed/Hosted Voice

Comm-Works’ voice services are designed to provide our customers with advanced solutions for telephone, messaging, networking, conferencing, customer management, and more. Our customized and flexible options are designed to fit your needs to meet your business objectives.

Wireless as a service

Wireless as a Service

Our expert engineers listen and assess the changing needs of our customers in order to provide a long term wireless solution for their enterprise. This solution will provide security, improve business productivity, and deliver fault tolerance.

Compliance as a Service

Compliance as a Service

Comm-Works protects your business from data breaches and ensures your equipment is compliant with the standards required by the payment card industry.

Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service

By leasing equipment, companies can maintain and upgrade state-of-the-art technologies as a predictable and manageable operational expense, rather than a large capital investment.

New Store as a Service

New Store as a Service

New Store as a Service eliminates the unknown while opening new store locations. Comm-Works utilizes company standards to document and manage a repeatable integration process that covers all of your in-store technology needs.


Franchise as a Service

Comm-Works Franchise as a Service (FaaS) improves the level of control franchisors have regarding the technology and availability of IT support. Within each franchise location, Comm-Works provides franchisees an easy, accessible, discounted way to order integration and support services.

Cloud and Managed Services

Cloud & Managed Services

Prevent problems before they happen. Comm-Works Cloud & Managed Services monitors your network environment, proactively identifying and remediating issues remotely before they result in IT failures.

Staff Augmentation

Strategic Staffing

Comm-Works staffing services utilizes our trusted network of specialists to recruit and contract affordable IT professionals that fit your short-term, long-term, and fluctuating staffing needs.

Technology Financing

Technology Financing

Comm-Works is able to provide the upfront capital you need today to ensure your business the technology of tomorrow.