EMV Compliance

The Importance of EMV Compliance

Data breaches and fraudulent card charges are on the rise, making it necessary for companies to switch to safer payment options.

What You Need to Know

  • EMV compliance reduces the number of fraudulent transactions
  • Most banks are in the process of re-issuing all cards
  • Most of your customers will have these cards by October 2015
  • After October 1st, 2015 merchants without EMV compliant technology will be held liable for any security breach

EMV Technology
EMV, originally developed by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, is becoming the global standard for all payment cards, replacing magnetic strip cards with new Chip technology. Magnetic strip cards contain static data, allowing counterfeiters the opportunity to duplicate payment cards, and convert that data into cash. New Chip technology has the ability to continue to protect a cardholder’s data even after a transaction takes place. This small embedded microchip is effective in eliminating fraud and protecting in-store payments by encoding each payment with a dynamic code that changes with each transaction. This method ensures authenticity at point-of-sale and prevents the risk of latter duplication.


Liability Shift
EMV technology has already taken effect in multiple countries and will migrate to the United States by October 1st, 2015. After the deadline, if a retailer does not have a secure method of processing card transactions or an EMV capable card processor, they will be held liable for any security breach that takes place. This deadline is intended to inform and encourage the entire payment industry to become EMV compliant, resulting in the prevention of future liability costs.

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